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Organic safelink Price  has come down a lot because some people have very little money so they can’t buy original product then they buy from the cheaters at a very low price and when they realised cheaters rob them then they contacted me after being cheated.

For that i have reduced its price so much that everyone can buy it.

These are all my own created adlinkfly safelink system that works automatically.

This is not WP Safelink plugin so it didn’t show in the WordPress admin area.

The different technology is used here, not the same as the wp safelink plugin (themeson).

I will provide you files and PDF and video tutorial for setup.

I have my own adx, so if you need adx approval that i can provide you.

Please be safe from cheaters, they just want money and can throw you in any hole for money. If you are original then you should use the original product to get original benefits. My old users will always get extra huge discounts on all of my products.

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Adlinkfly  Safelink Integration:

I’m not a reseller, so I respect all developers. Here all listed products are created by me and my custom safelink system is different from the wp safelink plugin which was made by themeson. also, it’s not customized of wp safelink original plugins.

If you want to use AdSense and adx with your adlinkfly shortner site, Then you must need this integration to maximize your profit and secure your adx account.

Nowadays every adx company knows about the Wpsafelink plugin and they can easily find that after someday that you are using the wp safelink plugin then they will reject your payments.

To solve the above problems I made my own custom hidden plugin that didn’t show in the WordPress admin area and the plugin area. Some Smart users area using this integration since 2020 (mostly from Vietnam) and nowadays they have earned many dollars.

It’s not a plugin so it didn’t show in the WordPress admin and plugins area.

Now I Revealed this in June 2021 for all other interested users to try these safest methods to use adx, AdSense and other ad networks that did not accept shortner websites.

Thank you for reading this article.

Version 1.0 – Initial Release – 1 Mar 2020

- First version released

25 reviews for Adlinkfly WP Safelink Smart Blog Integration

  1. nayyarali7 (verified owner)

    Good support, thank you

  2. araviolo (verified owner)

    It’s awesome, i really like this plugin. Good luck with sale

  3. justinmalonson (verified owner)

    I was amazed how fast and great support they have. Thank you

  4. Rupdarshi (verified owner)

    Thank you for an excellent plugin and great suport:)

  5. cultic (verified owner)

    Helpful work. This guys help me with my deadline ^_^

  6. johnsonbrandon300 (verified owner)

    Very nice plugin! Easy to use, works perfect and is stable. Now my 50% traffic is showing organic.

  7. The Cuong (verified owner)

    Appreciate the concept you guys do, very nice support.

  8. KrishArora (verified owner)

    Very good support!

  9. Lehai2020 (verified owner)

    I come from Vietnam. once by chance i came across this site i am so glad this is what i was looking for . The admin is very enthusiastic and dedicated. Product quality is very good

  10. juli1603 (verified owner)

    Everything is SUPER!!!
    Thanks so much for the work and helping me get it set up right. Sujit wasted a lot more of his time for me than necessary. Definitely recommend!

  11. xhafer (verified owner)

    nice to work with this guy! 🙂

  12. jigar166 (verified owner)

    Script are really great.

  13. Hein Oo (verified owner)

    Skrip terbaik dan sokongan yang baik

  14. Luthfia Widya (verified owner)

    Terima kasih atas kerja samanya.

  15. hfly86767 (verified owner)

    It a real great genuine and provide orignal work.

  16. Uk Ptl (verified owner)

    5 star on plugin and great support.
    Thank you very much.
    Keep it up.

  17. Ram Yadav (verified owner)

    This integration is better than safelink and it also helps you get Adsense approval faster as the traffic source is comming from search result.

  18. Jonatas Sutil (verified owner)

    It’s work

  19. Aman Verma (verified owner)

    Best Script. well done

  20. Rheal Jefferson Palomado (verified owner)

    I bought organic safelink script on September 24, 2022. The script was good and 1000% organic search in site kit analytic.

  21. pradeep (verified owner)

    just now purchased this Adlinkfly WP Safelink Smart Blog Integration Script/Plugin. Mr yu gave me proper guidance to set up and clear my all doubts.

  22. Rheal Jefferson Palomado (verified owner)

    This is my second review. Its definitely 100% organic search. I hope i will never face ads limit on my adsense account. Because in previous im using wp safelink from themeson and i faced ads limit. Thank you sir.

  23. mody209066 (verified owner)

    Good job

  24. VIKRAMAN P (verified owner)

    nice. work

  25. fasi ur rahman (verified owner)

    nice support from the admin

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